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    Art should come as natural as breathing, eating, sleeping or talking.  It is a deliberately expressed desire to let out what is not possible to put in simple words, sounds, or motions in creative human beings.  That is what I am trying to do with my works: To communicate through visual means what is not as effectively communicable through other means.

     One of the biggest influences to my works is my background as an Asian American.  As the traditional Asian paintings are never about the visual depiction of the things or the phenomena of the nature, but more about the energy, meditation, and negative space, my paintings are often about what is going on unnoticed inside us and in the world. My Asian background might not be obviously present in the appearance of my works, but it influenced my works very deeply in the content.   As a result, my works do not depict things, but provoke thoughts and emotions. 


California Open Exhibition, tag Gallery, Los Angeles, 2019

PAF LA OPEN, Venice Arts, Venice, CA, 2016

Association of Christian Artists Exhibition, Gallery Western, LA, CA 2012


#, Tyler Gallery, Jenkintown, 2004 (group)


141st Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings 

The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, 2004


9th Annual Emerging Artists’ Fine Arts Juried Exhibition 

Artforms Gallery, Manayunk, 2004


62nd  Juried Annual Awards Painting Exhibition

Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham, 2003

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